Success Stories

Its extremely hard to find a cheerleading coach that truly understands how and when a skill should be done. Many claim they know and convince parents and athletes to work with them just to make some quick cash. I am going to use this page to show the amazing athletes I have worked with to help prove that I understand what I am talking about.

Allie Hurd


I met Allie in her senior year of Highschool. Before our first private she had never done anything more than a full up and a prep level hand in hand. After 7 months of working together she had every elite and basic skill you could think of. She then went and made the blue squad at the University of Kentucky as a freshmen. 

Houstyn Rose


I met Houstyn in September of 2021. While she was timid she was ambitious to learn. Everyday we worked together we worked on perfecting old technique and learning new skills. While seeing an athlete learn new skills is cool, seeing Houstyn overcome her fears of old skills is what made me the most proud. It took about 7 months for us to get to the level you see today because of her athleticism and willingness to keep going.